Shaun Kelly is Chief Operating Officer Americas for KPMG. Having worked for the company his entire career in Belfast and the U.S. he brings a unique perspective to the market, writes Patricia Harty. (Photo: Kit DeFever)

2015 Wall Street 50
Keynote Interview:
KPMG’s Shaun Kelly

Shaun Kelly won’t stop smiling. Photographer Kit DeFever asks him to put on a serious face for our cover shot but Kelly, a COO of KPMG, just can’t hold it and soon the corners of his mouth are curling up again and his eyes are sparkling behind his glasses – ever the Catholic school boy failing to repress some devilish, clever thought. Even in the most lighthearted moment, you can see the...

Celebrating the 18th Annual Irish America Wall Street 50

The 2015 Wall Street 50

For eighteen years, Irish America has sought out and recognized the best and the brightest Irish-American and Irish-born leaders in the financial sphere, and this year is no exception. The fifty honorees of 2015 are an extraordinary, inspiring, and diverse group – from standout rising stars to masterful Wall Street veterans, this year’s list is comprised of both new faces and longtime...

"One of our most precious assets became the ability to meld our tradition with change and other cultures," writes Irish America Editor in Chief Patricia Harty.

First Word:
Our 30th Anniversary!

There is something about anniversaries that appeals to people. And it’s our 30th. If it were a wedding anniversary, pearls would be an appropriate gift. There is something about the pearl that speaks to the story of the Irish in America. Born out of grit, a grain of sand, an outsider makes its way into a shell and sets off a chain reaction that in time results in a precious gem. What could be a...

Former New York City Council President Paul O’Dwyer, Irish America publisher Niall O’Dowd, Charles McCabe of Manufacturers Hanover Bank, and former Mayor of Boston Ray Flynn at the launch of Irish America magazine.

Celebrating Thirty Years of
Irish America

Looking back at Irish America’s premier issue we see that it set the tone for what was to come: a thorough investigation into what it means to be Irish American. Thirty years later, we are still answering that question and still pondering the answers. Enjoy these quotes compiled over 30 years.     1985 – 1990 From left: Tip O’Neill, Joe Biden, The Irish and the Drink, Daniel...

Syrian refugees wait in line for their winter clothes to be distributed by the Concern team at the informal tented settlement in the village of Mohamara, in Akkar, north of Lebanon Wednesday, February 18, 2015. Photographer: Dalia Khamissy

Irish Aid for Europe’s
Refugee Crisis

On September 3rd this year, the photograph of Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian three-year-old whose body washed ashore on a Turkish beach, ran across the front pages of newspapers world-wide, putting a horrifying human image to the crisis that has embattled Syria for almost five years. Many periodicals, such as the Irish Times, debated whether or not to censor the image, but ultimately went forward with...