2012 Wall Street 50 Keynote Speaker Adrian Jones. Photo: Kit DeFever.

Adrian Jones: Wall Street 50 Keynote Interview

After eight years in the Irish military and eighteen with Goldman Sachs, Adrian Jones understands what it means to be an effective leader.  With his strong ideas about what needs to change in Ireland, he might be just the leader the diaspora needs. Not many immigrants living in America are confronted with their country’s history on the way to work. But for Adrian Jones, a Roscommon native who...

An Irish polling station on election day. Photo: Google Images.

The First Word: The Irish World

“I’ve lived almost half my life outside of Ireland but I am definitely Irish in terms of the teams I support, the sports I watch, what newspaper and websites I read first.”    – Adrian Jones Early September mornings in New York take on that European feel. A breeze in from the river – no humidity. Everything clean from the overnight thunderstorm. Heading down the bike lane on Second...

Three of the first diaspora award recipients.

Irish Awards for the Diaspora

The Irish government announced the first recipients of the Presidential Distinguished Service Awards. Ireland has a diaspora of over 70 million around the world, many of whom maintain a close connection with the country of their ancestors. From philanthropy to activism, from education to business and the public sphere, many of the diaspora have demonstrated exceptional passion for Irish causes. A...

A church in Ireland.

Is Ireland Losing Its Religion?

A new Gallup poll indicates a decline in religious affiliation in Ireland. Fifty years ago, Ireland was one of the most religious countries in Europe, but according to a recently released poll, taken by the Gallup International in 2011, Ireland now ranks among the top ten atheist nations worldwide. These results are a huge shift from the last poll, in 2005. In the six years between the two, one...

Liam Neeson in Taken 2.

Irish Eye on Hollywood

The latest Irish and Irish-American news in film and television. 1. Let’s hope the ever-busy Brendan Gleeson doesn’t get whiplash. The Dublin-born star of recent flicks such as The Guard as well as the Harry Potter movies is regarded as one of the most versatile actors in the world.  Still, even Gleeson may have a little trouble making the transition from At Swim Two Birds to Smurfs 2. As is...