Bill Maher outside the Vatican

The Real Bill Maher

Bill Maher gets real with Kelly Carlin-McCall about life, work and religion. Smart, funny, bold, proverbial line-crosser – all of these words could be used to describe Bill Maher.  They also could have been used to describe my father, the late George Carlin. Earlier this year, I got the chance to meet Bill Maher.  Unfortunately it was under circumstances I could have done without – the...

Patricia Harty

The First Word: Sharing the American Dream

This issue is a feast of Irish-Americana. There’s something to suit every taste and even the pickiest reader. Some history, some humor, some of who we are today. There’s the inspirational songbird Kelli O’Hara, whose Irish ancestors settled in Oklahoma during the Land Rushes, and Bill Maher who was born in New York to an Irish father and a Jewish mother. There’s even a salute to the Year...


The Brilliance of Beckett

On Wednesday, July 23, as part of Lincoln Center Festival’s stunning Gate|Beckett series, an audience of some 75 Samuel Beckett devotees gathered in Lincoln Center’s Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse to listen to Gate Theatre director Michael Colgan, actor Barry McGovern (I’ll Go On), and John Collins, Founder and Director of New York’s Elevator Repair Service (Gatz and The Sound and the Fury)...

An installation at the Galway Arts Festival

Galway Arts Festival

The 31st Galway Arts Festival, which ran from July 14-27, was another huge success for both the city and lovers of the arts.  Though Ireland was soaked with enough rain to dampen the most ardent optimist this summer, for 14 days the city of the Tribesmen was drenched with music, theater and art. One couldn’t take a stroll down the quays without encountering some jovial interference from the...

Ted Kennedy at the Democratic Convention

The Conventions

Ireland was in the background at this year’s Democratic and Republican National Conventions, but it was there. On the eve of the Democratic Convention in Denver, Senator Barack Obama appeared in Springfield, Illinois, to introduce his candidate for vice president, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. Biden has long been an outspoken advocate for Irish-American issues and Obama has struggled to win...