Edna O'Brien

Mother, Life, Landscape, and the Connection

Edna O’Brien returns to world of The Country Girls in The Light of Evening, with the mother-daughter relationship as the main theme. “A writer’s life is like an athlete’s life. You train every day of your life and even then it may not be as good as one had hoped,” says Edna O’Brien, who has written 20 books. Her latest, The Light of Evening, tells the story of Eleanora, a famous...

The Light of Evening, by Edna O'Brien

The First Word: The Grip of Mother Ireland

“Like Joyce she has lived in exile but never forgotten a single thing.”  – Professor Declan Kiberd, UCD School of English and Drama, speaking about Edna O’Brien. UCD awarded O’Brien the Ulysses Medal in 2006. To start the New Year off right, we bring you our “Arts Special” issue, featuring a plethora of interviews (and feathers in the case of hatter Philip Treacy), books, movies,...

Delia Garcia and Kelly Stokes at the Cliffs of Moher

Phoenix Couple Turn Tragedy Into Assistance

Phoenix couple Delia Garcia and Kelly Stokes decided to take what Delia called a “babymoon” last summer, a few months before the expected arrival of their baby boy. They had always wanted to visit Ireland and knew they wouldn’t have much time for taking trips once the baby arrived. Delia’s pregnancy had been perfect up to this point; she didn’t even have morning sickness, and she had...

John Cusack will appear in The Martian Child, which will also feature his sister, Joan

Irish Eye on Hollywood

Amidst all the hype (and jokes) concerning Sylvester Stallone’s latest return to the boxing ring as Rocky Balboa, little was said about the performance given by Belfast native Geraldine Hughes, playing a Philadelphia native opposite Sly. This could be the big break this theater veteran needed to crossover into Hollywood. Until Rocky Balboa in December, Hughes had appeared in just a few small...

April 2006: Tara Conner crowned Miss USA 2006, by Chelsea Cooley – Miss USA 2005

Tara Keeps Her Crown

Tara Conner, Miss USA 2006 and Irish America cover story (Oct./Nov.) has been called to task about conduct unbecoming a beauty queen. It seems that the transition from the small town of Russell Springs, Kentucky to New York City has been a lot to handle for the petite blonde. On December 14, entertainment website TMZ.com broke a story saying she was going to be dethroned “due to inappropriate...