Coach Kelly at a Notre Dame vs. Boston College game in 2010. The Fighting Irish won the day with a final score of 31-13.

Kelly Green at Notre Dame: Coach Brian Kelly

It is a mid-October Sunday morning at Notre Dame, right after the home victory against Pittsburgh. It was a close-run thing and the sense of relief around the Notre Dame campus is palpable. Nowhere is it more obvious than in Coach Brian Kelly’s headquarters at the Guglielmino complex. It is easy to see what pressure a Notre Dame rookie coach is under just when you wander into the center. Framed...

Patricia Harty

The First Word: Putting the Fight Back in the Irish

Niall O’Dowd returned from interviewing Coach Brian Kelly with a story of a cab driver he met – an immigrant from Africa who had seen little of America outside of South Bend, Indiana. When the cabbie learned that Niall was Irish, he exclaimed with admiration, “You Irish, you own everything over here!” Watching the televised game between Notre Dame and Utah and witnessing the sea of green...

Author William Kennedy presents actor Brian Dennehy with the 2010 Eugene O'Neill Award

Dennehy Honors Irish American Writers and Artists

Brian Dennehy receives the 2nd annual Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award. October 18 marked the Irish American Writers and Artists’ second annual Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award Cocktail Reception, honoring actor Brian Dennehy. Dennehy won a Best Actor Tony in 2003 for his performance in O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night, and has been nominated for six Emmys...

National Piano Workshop, Havana, Cuba- From the portfolio Una Corda- The Soft Pedal

An Irish Tune-Up for Cuba: Una Corda, The Soft Pedal

Since 2006, many visitors traveling from Ireland to Cuba have carried slightly heavier than usual suitcases. In addition to their clothes, toiletries and other necessities, they have been carrying piano parts and tools for tuning and repair. They have transported a total of more than 500 pounds, to date, all of which has been given to Havana’s National Workshop for Musical Instrument...


’Tis a New Challenge for Cathie Black

Changes are in store for both Cathie Black and the New York City public school system. On Tuesday, November 9th, Mayor Michael Bloomberg formally announced his decision to name Black, who is currently the chair of Hearst Magazines, the next New York City schools chancellor, a role held by Joel Klein since 2002. Pending approval from the State Education Commisioner at the time of writing, Black...