Dr. William Campbell (right) works one- on-one with Drew undergraduate student  Emmanuel (Manny) Gabrielon. He was, Campbell says, “a truly exceptional student. After graduation he did a joint M.D.-Ph.D.  program and became a surgeon. He is now engaged in advanced cancer surgery.” (Photo: Bill Denison/Drew University

A Reflection on Simplicity

 The Irish-born biologist and parasitologist William Cecil Campbell, who was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine, talks to Patricia Harty. ℘℘℘ For those of us fortunate enough to turn a simple tap to take a nice relaxing bath or long hot shower, it’s hard to imagine risking the loss of your eyesight for a single bucket of water. But for centuries, onchocerciasis, commonly known as...


Healthcare and Life Sciences 50

The 2016 Irish America Healthcare and Life Sciences 50 list celebrates Irish innovators who are leading the way in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. The work of these Irish-American and Irish-born medical professionals contributes everyday to the health and wellness of our communities, from pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotechnology to research and development and medical...

Portroe lookout at Lough Derg.

First Word:
Climb Every Mountain

When I was a kid my father would take us for drives to County Clare, or as he called it, “Biddy Early country.” We’d drive the back road, so narrow that the trees on either side reached across to each other, pass through the tiny village of Portroe, and stop at the top of a hill at a place called the Lookout to take in the view across Lough Derg to County Clare on the far shore. It was...

Queen's University Belfast.

Medical Breakthroughs that Matter

Irish universities are leading the way in breakthrough medical science.  ℘℘℘ Testing Breakthroughs at QUB Queen’s University Belfast is leading the world’s first ever trial of a new combination of treatments for those with advanced prostate cancer. The trial, titled ADRRAD, recently began at the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre, and is funded by Friends of the Cancer Centre and Bayer...

Dublin Lord Mayor Criona Ni Dhalaigh. (Photo: John Mc Elroy)

HIV on the Rise in Ireland

Recent figures from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre, Ireland’s specialist agency for the surveillance of communicable diseases, show a 30 percent increase in HIV cases in Ireland. To combat this, the Union of Students in Ireland teamed up with Operation Zero in June for Irish AIDS Days at nonprofit HIV Ireland, to spread their message: “no shame, no judgment, just support!” in...