2010 Wall Street 50 Keynote Speaker Bob McCann

The Vision of Bob McCann

It’s been said that the role of a leader in the new economy is to create a vision for your organization and make that vision a reality. Bob McCann of UBS talks about life, the importance of community and family, and what his vision for the future holds. Sitting with Bob McCann in his impressive office in Weehawken, New Jersey, facing a panoramic view of the Hudson and the New York skyline,...

Patricia Harty

The First Word: From Famine to Finance

It was an interesting experience, to say the least, following up on our issue commemorating the Great  Hunger with one in which we profile Irish-American titans of Wall Street. In a way, those two words “Famine” & “Finance”  could be seen as the bookends of the story of the Irish in America. Not that we claim that success in the financial world is the only indicator of Irish power,...

Maureen O'Hara in Flame of Araby (1951).

The Many Faces of Maureen O’Hara

Maureen O’Hara has celebrated many milestones in her life and career in films. Now in the 21st century, she prepares to celebrate her 90th birthday on August 17. One can’t help but wonder if she could have imagined in her wildest dreams that her image would be gracing a technology called “cyberspace” – that people would be chatting about her on Facebook or that she’d have a website...

James Nesbitt in Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday: James Nesbitt’s Personal Odyssey

There was some element of, “Oh, Christ, I almost wish I hadn’t read this,” Nesbitt recalls, “because having read [the script for Bloody Sunday] I couldn’t walk away from it.” In the movie, which portrays what happened on January 30, 1972 when members of the British Army fired upon unarmed civil rights marchers in Derry, Nesbitt takes on the role of Ivan Cooper, a shirt-factory manager...

Rue McClanahan

Those We Lost

Recent passings in the Irish America community John W. Finn 1909-2010 John W. Finn, World War II veteran and Medal of Honor recipient, died on May 27 in Chula Vista, California. He was 100. Finn was the last survivor of the fifteen Navy men who received the Medal of Honor for their service during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and had been the oldest living recipient of the medal. Born on...