Brian Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America

The Life of Brian Moynihan

Bank of America’s Brian Moynihan says  “It doesn’t all break your way all the time, so you’ve got to just power through it.”  He has the look of an athlete, compact with broad shoulders. He also has something of a pre-game focus, a quiet intensity, and gives the impression, even as he answers questions,  that he has his eye on the ball and he’s not forgetting for a moment that...

Patricia Harty

The First Word: Finding Strength in Our Ancestors

“There’s no sense of entitlement, no sense of placement, it’s all a sense of you’ve got to go out and work hard to get there. It doesn’t all break your way all the time, so you’ve got to just power through it. I think that’s deeply imbedded in the culture of the Irish.” – Brian Moynihan, whose ancestors left Irelandin 1850. I am remembering a day around this time of year in...

An Irish family during the Famine.

International Relief Efforts During the Famine

The Irish government designated 17 May 2009 as the first National Famine Memorial Day. On that day, Irish people throughout the world remembered and honored the victims of Ireland’s Great Hunger – which to this day remains one of the most lethal famines of the modern era. Out of a population of eight-and-a-half million, over one million people died, and approximately two million people...

President Obama presents Anthony Mullen with Teacher of the Year award

Irish American Named Teacher of the Year

The first Rose Garden ceremony of President Obama’s administration occurred this April 28 and honored Irish American Anthony Mullen, who was lauded as the 59th National Teacher of the Year for 2009. The National Teacher of the Year Program began in 1952 and is the oldest, most esteemed national program to honor excellence in teaching. Mullen, who teaches ninth through twelfth grade special...

A collection of Guiness' colorful labels over the years

My Goodness My Guinness!

Tradition. A word that embodies Guinness, a brand which this year is celebrating its 250th anniversary. In 1759, Arthur Guinness set the stage for the iconic brand by signing a 9,000-year lease at St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin. Guinness provided his workers with wages that were ten to twenty percent higher than the local average, provided paid holiday vacations, and offered free heath...