Brendan McDonagh of HSBC

The Global Irishman: Brendan McDonagh

HSBC’s Brendan McDonagh is a new breed of international Irishman. Just six months after assuming his job as head of HSBC Finance in North America, Brendan McDonagh volunteered to appear before Congress, in March 2007, to address the growing subprime mortgage-lending crisis. It was a typical move by the 49-year-old Irishman who has become known throughout his career for a straightforward type of...

Patricia Harty

The First Word: Global Irish

As more and more talk turns to globalization, the Irish are in a unique position – in terms of the global context, we are already there.  Whether it is running the world’s top rated hotel in Dubai, in the operating room of Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York, or running a telecom business in the Carribean – no matter where you turn you will find the Irish. We have spread all over the...

Robert Downey Jr. and his father

Robert Downey Jr. & Sr. Moments

Iron Man started the summer block busting season with a $100.7 million opening at the box office, and marked a tremendous comeback for 43-year-old actor Robert Downey Jr., who in recent years has waged a public battle against drug addiction, which included a stint in jail. Jr., who plays a billionaire industrialist who invents a hi-tech suit of armor that transforms him into a superhero, used the...

Scottish movie director Peter Mullan holds the "Golden Lion" prize in Venice, Italy, Sunday, Sept. 8, 2002. Mullan won the "Golden Lion" for his movie "The Magdalene Sisters" at the 59th Venice Film Festival. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

Irish Eye on Hollywood

Amidst the popcorn blockbusters of the summer, keep an eye out for veterans as well as up-and-coming Irish talent in Hollywood. First up, Pierce Brosnan stars alongside Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia!, based on the musical, which itself was based on the songs of Swedish supergroup Abba. Mamma Mia!, scheduled for a July 18 release, is about a bride-to-be who is searching for her father.  The musical...

Drawing room the Cadogen Hotel in London

A Wilde Hotel in London

The Irish are travel birds. There’s probably not a spot on the globe where they haven’t touched down and built a nest or two. And finding corners of Ireland even in the most obscure places is always a fun travel thing to do. On a trip to London late last year, I stayed at the Cadogan Hotel, which proved the perfect spot for an Irish-tinged weekend (I was in London to attend the premiere of...