Senator John McCain stands in the Russel Senate Office Building Rotunda

Duty, Honor & Country

Senator John McCain, who may well be the next President of the U.S.; talks to Niall O-Dowd about immigration, Ireland, Iraq, and other issues. John McCain (R-AZ) is seated in his Senate office leafing through a dog-eared copy of John F. Kennedy’s seminal work, A Nation of Immigrants, written shortly before the 1965 immigration act which changed the face of America. He is due to go before the...

Editor-in-Chief Patricia Harty

The Spirit Of Endurance

“Am I the first Scots-Irish person on your cover?” Senator John McCain asks. “Y es. But it’ s all the same DNA.” He doesn’t seem to hear me. He’s busy being photographed by Kit DeFever. I’m about to tell him about Scotland being the only place the Irish ever colonized – the Scotti being Gaelic speakers from Ireland who settled in Argyle – but I stop myself. I’ve noticed in...

Soldiers carry the coffin of Charles H. Haughey while widow Maureen follows behind with family members.

State Bids Farewell to Haughey

Charles J. Haughey, former Taoiseach (Irish prime minister) and ex-leader of the Fianna Fáil party, was buried in Dublin following a long illness. Haughey, aged 80 years, was afforded all the trappings of a state funeral, but the Irish public remains divided by the many contradictions surrounding his leadership and lifestyle. Although he remained a figure of considerable curiosity, his...

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Peter Hain.

N.I. Talks Show Slow Progress

Irish and British governments continue to decommissioning, but DUP leader Dr. Ian push the November 24 deadline for power sharing in Northern Ireland, but there is little sign of actual progress on the ground. Unionist and nationalist parties have been unable to find a way to restore devolved gov- ernment at the N.I. Assembly, but Dublin and London hold the majority Democratic Unionist Party...

Cecelia Ahern

Hollywood Snaps Up Cecelia Ahern Books

Hilary Swank has been cast to star in the film adaptation of Cecelia Ahern’s hit novel PS, I Love You. The two-time Oscar-winning actress will play a young Irish widow recovering from her husband’s sudden death. Richard LaGravenese will direct the movie, which will be produced by Warner Brothers. Hollywood’s interest marks a further leap in Cecelia Ahern’s remarkable suc- cess. The...