Former U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey. Photo: D.O.D.

Hall of Fame: Martin Dempsey

When General Martin E. Dempsey, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, received the telegram announcing his appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, he was far from certain about accepting. But his resolve fermented quickly, he says, by what he ultimately determined was the “most important” factor: his first-generation Irish American mother. “My mother cried when I...

George Clooney speaks with Syrian refugees in Berlin this year.

First Word:
Does this sound familiar?

“I’m of Irish descent and in America, 100 years ago, we were refugees, my family. Irish were treated terribly in America for a period of time and not accepted, and America learned to accept all of these ideas. It’s what our country is, a country of immigrants. We have not recently done a very good job of remembering who we are.” — George Clooney, speaking to a group of Syrian refugee...

U.S. President Bill Clinton wipes his eyes as First Lady Hillary Clinton, Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair and wife Cherie look on at the bomb site prior to a walkabout in the shattered heart of Omagh September 3, 1998. Clinton met survivors and visited the site of the August 15 bomb blast which killed 28 people and injured more than 200 hundred. Photo by Martin McCullough / Reuters

Bill Clinton: The Peacemaker

In recognition of his extraordinary role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland, Irish America honors former President Bill Clinton on March 30th with a Lifetime Achievement Award. ℘℘℘ A little over twenty years ago, Bill Clinton broke an ironclad rule of American diplomacy with a move that would lead to peace in Northern Ireland. That rule, in existence for well over 200 years, was that...

Eileen Collins.

Hall of Fame: Eileen Collins

In the 1950s and ’60s, as the industries that had helped populate and sustain upstate New York like railroading and manufacturing were leaving, the Harris Hill Gliderport in the lagging town of Elmira offered Eileen Collins a different kind of opportunity. She remembers her father taking her and her siblings to the airstrip just west of town to sit on the hood of their car with A&W root...

Hamill in a photo by his photojournalist daughter, Deirdre Hamill.

Hall of Fame: Pete Hamill

If asked for a single word that accurately and completely sums up Pete Hamill’s career, there is only one answer – writer. His genre? Just about everything – novels, short stories, history, biography, memoir, magazine features, newspaper columns, television pilots, adapted film scripts, Bob Dylan liner notes. At his core though, he is a newsman, and it is this journalistic foundation that...