John Fitzpatrick, Photos By Kit Defever

John Fitzpatrick: Irish American of the Year

John Fitzpatrick is remembering back to the crystallizing day in his life as a hotelier – the day his hotel in Manhattan became more than just a place where the Taoiseach stayed and Liam Neeson and Gabriel Byrne could be spotted at the bar, and Irish shoppers fell over themselves and their suitcases taking the Fitzpatrick limousine to the airport, bags stuffed with Christmas presents. It...

Patricia Harty

The First Word: A Flavor of Ireland

“Ireland is an island of character and characters, brimming with history and teeming with verve.” – Joe Byrne, Executive Vice President, Tourism Ireland North America. I’m still thinking about the brown bread. One night in the recent past, a wet night, I might add – one that put me in mind of Ireland and warm fires and cozy pubs – I took the subway uptown a couple of stops and walked...

Left: Maureen Dowd as a young girl; Right: Maureen Dowd at the Irish America Top 100 celebration in 2010

Fighting Irish Girl: Maureen Dowd

Her mother was an Irish rebel, and her father a good cop who could spot a phony a mile away.  These inherited traits turned Maureen Dowd into an award-winning columnist and author. Somewhere in Australia there’s an Irish lad called Rowan McCormick who broke Maureen Dowd’s heart. When she went back in the early 1970s to visit her homestead in County Clare, hard by the majestic Cliffs of...

Irish dancers at the Chicago Irish Festival, Photo by Mary Pat Kelly

Touring Irish America

Mary Pat Kelly writes about encountering  Irish America readers on her tour to promote her historical novel Galway Bay. If you are reading this, I’ll bet I’ve met you. Since I began the book tour for my novel Galway Bay one year ago, I’ve encountered you, readers of Irish America magazine, in bookstores and Irish cultural centers, in libraries and church halls, in academic conferences, and...

The Bloody Foreland in Northwest Donegal

Exploring Ulster

In this travel series, Irish America explores each of the four provinces of Ireland. The northern-most province of Ulster contains a diverse array of cultures and sites, which, combined, tell the tale of modern Ireland, a place of history, pluralism and an evolving culture. Ulster is divided into nine counties including the six that comprise Northern Ireland: Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh,...