The dedication of California’s first memorial to the Irish Hunger. (Photo: Loretta McCarthy)

California’s First Irish Hunger Memorial

The community of Eugene, California welcomed the state’s first Irish Hunger Memorial at its dedication ceremony in Saint Joseph’s Cemetery in September. It was the product of efforts by the Irish Cultural Society of Stanislaus County and the San Francisco Chapter of the Irish American Unity Conference, and about 100 locals were present to see it unveiled. The memorial’s location is a...

Middle Island memorial cross comemmorates the Miramichi region's Irish heritage. Photo: John Kernaghan.

The Irish of the Miramichi

The region’s tough but triumphant Irish roots are celebrated every year at Canada’s Irish Festival. It’s no secret why folks along the mighty Miramichi River celebrate their Irish heritage so fiercely. When your roots and a good part of the history that followed are steeped in sorrow and loss, rejoicing in what is good about life and your culture is that much more important. This region,...

Derry City, which will be City of Culture in 2013. Photo: Paul Faith/PA Wire.

A “Legenderry” Year in Northern Ireland

“Let it be Legenderry” is the phrase being coined by the Derry-Londonderry 2013 City of Culture initiative, a year-long celebration of the Northern Irish city. There has been a flurry of activity about Derry ever since it won the first-ever UK City of Culture title, for which it competed against 54 cities in the United Kingdom. The result was announced in 2010, and the famous walled city has...

Leenane, Co. Galway, near the fjord that divides Galway and Mayo. Photo: Jim Fennell for Tourism Ireland.

The Charms of the West

Patricia Danaher explores the high season of Galway City and the delights of the western landscape. The west of Ireland has a quiet magic at most times of the year, a tranquility that sneaks up on you, making tomorrow the soonest you could possibly consider doing what you were fully intent on doing today. It’s not that things don’t get done, it’s just that you’re on a different clock and...

The Bloody Foreland in Northwest Donegal

Exploring Ulster

In this travel series, Irish America explores each of the four provinces of Ireland. The northern-most province of Ulster contains a diverse array of cultures and sites, which, combined, tell the tale of modern Ireland, a place of history, pluralism and an evolving culture. Ulster is divided into nine counties including the six that comprise Northern Ireland: Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh,...