Irish Consul General to Boston Michael Lonergan; Irish Person of the Year, Quinnipiac University President Dr. John Lahey; Irish America/Irish Voice/Irish Central Publisher Niall O'Dowd; House candidate Joseph P. Kennedy III, Leader of Tomorow awardee; and Irish Emigrant publisher Connell Gallagher.

Dr. John Lahey Named Irish Person of Year in New England

Dr. John Lahey, President of Quinnipiac University, was presented with New England Irish person of the Year at an event at the Irish Consulate in Boston last week. He was jointly honored by the Irish Emigrant, Irish Voice Newspaper and Dr.Lahey was recognized for his extraordinary achievement in creating the Ireland’s Great Hunger museum based on the Irish Famine in Hamden,...

Ireland's Great Hunger Museum. Photo: Mark Stanczak

The Country’s First Irish Famine Museum is Dedicated in Hamden, Connecticut

The first Irish Famine museum in the U.S. was dedicated in Hamden, CT on September 28. Under the leadership of its president, Dr. John L. Lahey, since 1997 Quinnipiac University has been amassing a collection of art, texts and artifacts related to the the Great Hunger. The museum, at 3011Whitney Avenue, between the university’s Mount Carmel and York Hill campuses, is now the permanent home...