A session in Dublin

This Music We Call Traditional Irish

Traditional Irish music has never been so alive. In our cities, towns and villages. From Dublin to New York and across the United States. We are alive to its rhythm and it is thriving, growing, flourishing. It touches so many people and is enjoyed in so many ways. We dance to it, play it, mould it into new forms and take it to Broadway and the West End. We fuse it with other styles, but always,...

The Henry Ford Museum's new exhibit "Driving America"/ Photo courtesy of www.thehenryford.org

News from Irish America

The Henry Ford Museum Unveils a New Exhibit This Saturday, Bill Ford Jr., Irish America’s 2011 Business 100 Keynote Speaker, was joined by an excited and distinguished crowd, including Michigan Governor Rick Snyder at The Henry Ford Museum to unveil a new exhibit: “Driving America.” The exhibit chronicles not just technological and aesthetic advances in the auto industry but...

A scene from The German, by Nick Ryan.

The German – Amazing Short Film on Ireland in WWII

The German is a stunning Irish short written and directed by Nick Ryan. The film, which was made in 2007 and went up online a few months ago, features a British fighter pilot in pursuit of a German who killed his fellow Allied soldier and friend in mid-air combat. It presents a quiet but insightful snapshot of Ireland’s neutrality during WWII. Ryan received a grant from the Irish Film Board...

Up & Over: Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding

Irish Hand Dancing by Former Riverdance Duo

We’ve got to hand it to Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding, they know how to take Irish dance to new and unexpected places. The pair, world-class Irish dancers who toured with Riverdance and Magic of the Dance, coined their unique, irreverent and totally cool style of hand dancing in 2008 and have since enjoyed great success, including appearances on Britain’s Got Talent and...

Donegal skies transformed by the Northern Lights

Northern Lights in County Donegal

County Donegal was swarmed with tourists all gathering to see the unbelievable natural light show on January 22. The Northern Lights, expected to make another appearance this week were captured in the video below. When ionized particles from the sun hit the earth’s atmosphere, the chemical reaction of the gases gives off the red and green colors. The auroras, attracted to magnetic poles, are...