Author Kevin Barry Wins 2013 Impac Literary Award

A little over a year ago, IA asked Kevin Barry what he would be doing if he weren’t a writer. He answered, “lumberjack.” But Barry, who was born in Limerick and currently lives in Sligo, won’t have to resort to deforesting northern Maine anytime soon (unless he wants to), because he is the just-named recipient of the 2013 International Impac Dublin Literary Award. The €100,000 award...

John Nicoletti, nephew Charlie FitzSimons, grandson Conor FitzSimons, great grandchildren Everest and Baylee, and Elga FitSimons, Conor's wife. Photo: Barton MacLeod.

Maureen O’Hara Makes a Sentimental Journey to John Wayne’s Birthplace

Few people may know that of all the movies Maureen O’Hara made in her film career one of her favorites is a tearjerker from 1946 called Sentimental Journey. On May 23, at the age of 92, Maureen boarded a plane to make a real-life sentimental journey to the John Wayne Birthplace Museum in the rural community of Winterset, Iowa. It was her first visit to the landmark and she was invited as the...

George Moore

George Moore, Leading Businessman and Philanthropist, Dies at 60

George Moore 1951 – 2013 George Moore was a savvy entrepreneur in the tech industry and an influential philanthropist. His unexpected death of a heart attack at the age of 60 comes as a shock to the Irish community. A leading businessman in Ireland and the United States, just last year Moore appeared as one of this magazine’s Business 100 honorees. He served on Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s...


Winners of the First St. Patrick’s Day Children’s Art Competition Honored at Irish Consulate

The Consulate General of Ireland in New York hosted a special event to announce the winners of the first St. Patrick’s Day Children’s Art Competition. Prize winners were named in the three age-group categories from hundreds of entries received from the tri-State area, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The Consul General Noel Kilkenny has sent a special Certificate of Participation to all of the...


JFK50 Events in New Ross, Co. Wexford: Remembering when Kennedy Came

When John F. Kennedy toured Ireland in 1963 he left a lasting impression. Nowhere more so, it seems, than in his ancestral homeland in New Ross, Co. Wexford, where his speech from the Quayside is still fondly remembered. In this, the year of The Gathering, New Ross is also giving Kennedy “The Homecoming,” taking fire from the Eternal Flame at his Arlington gravesite across the Atlantic and...