George M. Cohan and Arthur Johnston rehearse on location for The Phantom President, a Paramount movie.

George M. Cohan:
“Born on the Fourth of July”

The life of George M. Cohan, the greatest song and dance man of all time, is explored by M.V. Quinn. As he boasts in his song, George Michael Cohan was born on July 4, 1878, and as he proved again and again in his plays and songs, he remained “a real live nephew” of America’s Uncle Sam throughout his life. Cohan loved three things fervently: show business, his family, and the United States...

New Ross celebrates its fourth annual Irish America Day. There will be a display of Fireworks in New Ross to end the Fourth of July Irish America Fest 2015  festivities! The fireworks will be set off from Staffords in Rosbercon and visible from the Quay in New Ross. The Dunbrody Famine Ship is in the foreground. (Photo:

Weekly Comment: New Ross
Celebrates Irish America Day

Celebrations are taking place this weekend in the southeast port town of New Ross in Co. Wexford to mark America’s Independence Day. Now in its fourth year, Irish America Fest looks set to be three days of live music, culinary delights and fun-filled activities planned to cater to all age groups. Events officially kick off on Friday afternoon with a Carnival taking place along the quayside...

Bureau of Engraving and Printing engraved vignette of John Trumbull’s painting Declaration of Independence (c. 1818). Engraving by Frederick Girsch. Scanned from an original impression, part of a Treasury Department presentation album of portraits and vignettes (c. 1902), possibly presented to Lyman Gage. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

The Irish Who Signed the
Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is a physically beautiful document and when I was a kid I had an image of it on my wall. There were Irish names, including “McKean” on that original parchment, and that gave me the story I needed to feel at home here like a native. My love of country, the United States, and of my heritage (Irish) converge in that document because I acknowledge the Irish...

Irish Catholic Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote a beautiful and moving majority opinion in the June 26th ruling banning state laws prohibiting same-sex marriage. (Official Photograph of Justice Anthony Kennedy, Supreme Court of the United States)

Weekly Comment: Justice
Anthony Kennedy’s Majority
Opinion in Gay Marriage Case

In a five to four ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court effectively voted to overturn states’ bans on same-sex marriage June 26th – the same day as United States v. Windsor (which overturned the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013) and Lawrence v. Texas (which overturned a Texas law – and by extension all state laws – forbidding consensual sex between two persons of the same sex in 2003). And, as...

A fourth floor balcony collapsed in Berkeley, California this past Tuesday, killing six Irish nationals and injuring seven more who are still in the hospital. All our sympathies are with the families of those affected. Pictured above, victims of Tuesday’s tragedy were remembered with thoughts, flowers and pictures. (UC Berkeley photo by Jean Smith)

Weekly Comment:
Mourning the Berkeley Tragedy

This week, a tragedy of national proportion befell Ireland and Irish America. In the first morning hour of Tuesday, June 16th, a fourth floor balcony collapsed in Berkeley, California, killing six Irish citizens, and critically injuring seven more who were standing on it at the time. Five of the dead were on short-term J-1 student work visas for the summer. The sixth was another’s cousin. None...