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John Patrick Shanley

February / March 2006

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Galway’s American Tour

Sir James Galway with his wife, Lady Jeanne. (Photo: Hanya Chayla)

Flutist Sir James Galway is internationally regarded as both a matchless interpreter of classical music and a consummate entertainer whose charismatic appeal crosses all musical boundaries. During...


From Doubt to Defiance

John P. Shanley in front of the Walter Kerr Theater. (Photo:  AP Photo / Frank Franklin II)

“The guy who makes coffee for me I every morning in my local coffee shop in Brooklyn congratulated me when I won the Pulitzer,” recounts John Patrick Shanley with a big grin. “Then,...


Mortas Cine

Is there anything better than cuddling up with a good book? I was fortunate enough to have been brought up without television. Not because my parents were worried about it being a distraction from...


George Best Laid to Rest

Legendary footballer George Best was laid to rest. (Photo: Photocall Ireland)

Belfast was brought to a standstill when the remains of soccer legend George Best were returned to Roselawn Cemetery outside the city. Best, aged 59, widely regarded as one of the world’s...


Irish President Meets Queen Elizabeth

Irish President Mary McAleese and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth held a low-key “private meeting” at Hillsborough Castle, Co. Down. It was the fourth occasion that the two public figures...


Minister Targets Watchdog Body

Minister for Justice Michael McDowell alleged that journalist Frank Connolly traveled on a bogus passport to visit Colombian FARC rebels four years ago. Referring to garda (Irish police)...


Hain’s Reform Plans Draw Fire

Northern Secretary Peter Hain drew heavy criticism when he announced wide-ranging plans to shake up local government and public services in Northern Ireland. Referring to a 5,400-square-mile...


Spy Revelations Rock Sinn Féin

Sinn Féin was reeling from revelations that party official Denis Donaldson worked as a British spy for the past twenty years. Donaldson, a senior figure in party president Gerry Adams’ staff,...


Amnesty Wants CIA Planes Inspected

Amnesty International has demanded that the garda siochána (Irish police force) inspect Shannon-bound planes chartered by the CIA. The human rights organization responded to reports that CIA planes...


Decentralization Plan “Botched”

Government plans to decentralize civil service employees from Dublin have met with stiff resistance within staff. Only one in nine employees have said they are prepared to relocate with their job....


Bono and the Gateses are TIME’s Persons of the Year

“For being shrewd about doing good, for rewiring politics and re-engineering justice, for making mercy smarter and hope strategic and then daring the rest of us to follow,” Time magazine...


News in Brief

IRISH growers thank good climate conditions for producing a bumper crop of 800,000 Christmas trees this year. Varieties of fir, pine and spruce are the most popular, half of which are destined for...


Celtic Women Celebrate

Irish American singer Betsy McGovern.

Women from around the U.S. and three of the seven Celtic nations gathered in Milwaukee in October for the Conference of Celtic Women, held at the sprawling former church that houses the city’s...


Ireland Commemorates 50 Years at the UN

United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan with Irish foreign minister Dermot Ahern. (Photo: Paul Treacy)

Glucksman Ireland House at New York University hosted a luncheon to celebrate Ireland’s 50th Anniversary as a member of the United Nations at the UN Private Dining Room on November 30. Loretta...


A Touch of the Heart

Irish actor Gabriel Byrne with his ex-wife, Ellen Barkin, at Glucksman Ireland House at NYU. (Photo: Nuala Purcell)

Gabriel Byrne is a true Renaissance man. As an actor, he is currently receiving accolades for his performance as Cornelius Melody in a New York production of Eugene O’Neill’s A Touch of...


Cash’s Forty Shades of Green

With Johnny Cash in the news a lot recently thanks to the movie Walk the Line, many tend to forget the music legend’s ScotsIrish roots. Though he was always the Man in Black, Cash was also the...


Peck’s Star Stolen

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is missing I one of its most beloved stars thanks to a thief whose identity remains unknown. The missing black cement square featured a pink star honoring Gregory Peck. The...


Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform

The newly formed Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR) is galvanizing support for the undocumented as it plans an all-out effort on the critical issue of immigration reform. The lobby group...


Boston Museum to Showcase Kennedy’s Irish Heritage

John F. Kennedy's visit to Ireland in June 1963.

The museum at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library will unveil an exhibition entitled “A Journey Home: John F. Kennedy and Ireland” on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2006. It will...


Eugene McCarthy Remembered

Eugene McCarthy died at the age of 89 in December. He was born a farmer’s son in far-flung Watkins, Minnesota, not the typical urban Irish Catholic of his generation who went into politics. But...


Eugene O’Neill
Documentary on PBS

Playwright Eugene O’Neill, the only American dramatist to win the Nobel Prize, will be the subject of a March 27 edition of PBS’ documentary series “The American...


Waiting for Beckett:
Remembrance of a Meeting on the Boulevard of Saint Jaques

Samuel Becket, photographed by John Minihan. 1985. Beckett was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature this week in 1969.

April 13, 2006. Beckett’s 100th birthday. In anticipation of that April, April future of Aprils past, I recall the first time I ever met him, Beckett, on now into a second decade, the man with...


The Future of the Great Blasket Island

The deserted ruins of a house on the mainland with a view of the Blasket Islands in the distance. (Photo: Sharon Ni Chonchur)

Three miles out to sea, stark against the western horizon, storm clouds are swirling above the Great Blasket. The future of this unique island, renowned for its desolate beauty, its crumbling ruins...


An Irish Catholic
Childhood Remembered

At St. Eugene's, an annex to Sacred Heart Church in the Bronx, a ceremony is held outdoors at the grotto of the Blessed Virgin, circa 1940.

It is the early spring of 1945 in the Bronx. World War II is about to end. Over fifty of us, boys and girls together, cram into our classroom. Sister Mary Herbert stands tall at the front of the room...


Harris Wrecks Cork

Actor Ed Harris made his European stage debut in Neil LaBute’s one man show, Wrecks, at the Everyman Palace Theatre in Cork in November. Brian O’Connell spoke to the four-time Academy...


Hands Across the Water:
From Gaelic to Graceland

This issue’s CD Half Dozen includes three that are in large part sung in Gaelic, which bodes well for the language but poorly for the artist (unless of course you are Enya). For it is well nigh...


The Proud History of the O’Neill Clan

The O’Neill family traces its history back to 360 A.D. to the legendary warrior king of Ireland, Niall Noigiallach (Niall of the Nine Hostages), who is said to have been responsible for...


Eugene O’Neill:
Irish American Playwright

Playwright Eugene O'Neill in his Tao House study. (Photo: Yale University Library)

Eugene O’Neill was one of those Irish-Americans who never set foot on Irish soil. And yet a good measure of his identity as an artist was defined by his Irishness — something he freely...