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Event Photos from the 2016 Irish America Hall of Fame

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President Bill Clinton received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Irish America magazine, and Astronaut Col. Eileen Collins, Former Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Martin Dempsey, Writer Pete Hamill, and Mutual of America Special Consultant Edward J.T. Kenney were inducted to the Irish America Hall of Fame at the Metropolitan Club in Manhattan on March 30th, 2016.

At a crowded Metropolitan Club in Manhattan, President Bill Clinton received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Irish America magazine during the Irish America Hall of Fame Luncheon, for his extraordinary role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland during his presidency.

“Today, we are honoring the former president’s central and catalytic role in the peace process in Northern Ireland. But in a world so fraught with strife and instability, we are also recognizing the qualities that are at the very heart of peacemaking and peace building,” Irish Ambassador Anne Anderson said introducing Clinton at the event, going on to highlight his leadership, engagement and persistence in dealing with the Troubles, and singling him out for visiting Northern Ireland three separate times during his presidency.

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