Irish Eye on Hollywood:
Colin Morgan Is on the Up

Colin Morgan.

By Tom Deignan, Contributor
February / March 2016

Armagh native Colin Morgan (above) is currently busy with two Hollywood movies as well as a BBC TV series. In April, look for Morgan beside Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron in The Huntsman: Winter’s War, which one web site cryptically described as “a prequel / spin-off / sequel” to the 2012 hit Snow White and the Huntsman. Later this year, look for Morgan playing the lead role in Waiting for You, a coming-of-age drama in which a son’s fascination with his father’s past may well turn deadly.

Finally, on the small screen, Morgan is filming The Living and the Dead, set in 1890s England and created by Ashley Pharoah (Life On Mars) and also starring Charlotte Spencer. Morgan and Spencer play a married couple whose happiness is unhinged by what may or may not be supernatural forces. ♦

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