Irish Eye on Hollywood:
Aidan Gillen’s Roundtable

Aidan Gillen.

By Tom Deignan, Contributor
February / March 2016

Aidan Gillen (The Wire, Game of Thrones) sticks with the historical costume genre in Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur, to be directed by Sherlock Holmes auteur Guy Ritchie. Gillen stars alongside Wicklow native Katie McGrath as well as Jude Law and Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam (playing the title character) in this action-adventure epic. The film – expected to be the first in a franchise-style series – explores young Arthur, who is granted powers once he lays his hands on the sword known as Excalibur. Arthur must decide if he wants to join a rebellion against the dastardly Vortigern, all the while falling in love with the fair maiden Guinevere. ♦


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