Photo Album: A Brief Moment in Life

Submitted by Mary Pat Burke
Submitted by Mary Pat Burke

In this 1914 photograph, my mother, Katherine Gallagher, and her older siblings, Anne and Bud, pose in front of their home on West Liberty Street in Cincinnati, Ohio.

My grandfather Andrew Gallagher worked at the American Oak and Leather Company for fifty years. On a tanner’s salary he raised eight children, and lived to see all of his seventeen grandchildren. His wife, my grandmother Katherine O’Connor Gallagher, was a homemaker who instilled in her children the value of service to others.

My mother and her siblings lived through WWI, the influenza epidemic of 1918, the Great Depression, and WWII. Each era left an indelible mark in shaping their futures and the world around them.

Today, my mother and all her siblings are gone, but they left us a legacy rich in tradition and Irish spirit.

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